About Us

SYMP is the most efficient way to raise funds for schools, bands, varsity and J.V. teams and other types of non-profit organizations. It was created as an answer to the never-ending requests from school-based organizations to buy fundraising products so the organizations can retain just a small margin. With SYMP there are no products to buy or sell, just a symbiotic relationship between organizations, local businesses, and consumers.

SYMP is a community-focused technology platform that creates a bridge between local businesses and non-profit organizations. It connects local businesses that want to support community non-profits and transforms these donations into word-of-mouth marketing, so that friends and families of these organizations would spend their money with businesses that support them. Think: sponsorship that tracks return on investment.

Spending Your Money Powerfully means spending money with companies that sponsor the programs you care about. When an organization receives a sponsorship, they tell their members and families to spend money at that business location. We all like to eat out, get a pedicure, or shop local. We all need to buy insurance, put tires on the car, or take our dog to the vet. Instead of choosing a business at random for your spending dollars, why not use a business that has pledged support to the organizations you care about? Spend your money powerfully by thanking local businesses for their support and sponsorship.